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“Loved ‘owning’ this car for a week. The elegance, power and style make it a pleasure to drive anywhere.”

Matthew from Christchurch, 2014
Alfa Romeo Spider v6 Rear Trees

What a stunning vehicle! Perfect on a stunning Nelson day with the top down.

TonySpider V6Auckland

What a car!! Have had a fantastic 3 days cruising through the spectacular South Isle. MG didn’t miss a beat; would love to take it home with me to AUSTRALIA!

Barry from Australia, 2014

Fantastic! A great birthday present.

Alfa Spider v6 for hire, Nelson

Matthew from Nelson, 2014

“That’s one dream ticked off the bucket list! A car that needs to (and deserves to) be driven, not just ridden in!”

Chris from Nelson, 2012

“Perfect roof down weather and very hard to wipe the smile off our faces. The Saab’s a beaut.” RentAClassic Saab convertible open four seater aerial

Andy from Nelson, 2013

“A wonderful 2 week trip around the South Island. The car was a joy, perfect for the open roads of NZ! Mountains were higher, valleys deeper, skies bluer, all because of the wonderful Saab convertible. Stephen was fantastic to deal with, kind and thoughtful!” 

Saab open by Rabbit Island beach sign
Saab open by Rabbit Island beach sign


Piers from the UK, 2014

“All systems ran beautifully, an absolute delight. Really comfy ride. Had a permanent smile for duration of our time with her.”

Dave from Nelson, 2013

“A wonderful weekend in a fantastic car. Would highly recommend.”  

Michelle from Wellington, 2013

“Fantastic way to explore Nelson. Highly recommended.”

Stan from Raglan, 2014

RentAClassic is not just about hiring a car to get you from A to B – we’d far rather go via C, get lost in D and discover Z. We only rent out cars like the MG sports and Saab convertible that we love ourselves, (because then we can have fun driving them when you’re not). Be it for a holiday, anniversary present, nostalgia trip, wedding, first, second, third honeymoon, out of curiosity, or self indulgent treat, for us it’s all about sharing the experience, of driving something different, something with character, personality, even idiosyncrasies and imperfections. Of enjoying driving for the sake of it, having the road to yourself, taking fast sweeping bends, autumn leaves tumbling out behind you, piercing the mist in a valley, or glimpsing the sun glinting off the sea alongside, your music providing your favourate soundtrack to adventures and people yet to discover who’ll become treasured memories, even friends….without getting stuck behind the fume belching obstacles every 60 seconds or driving into yet another traffic jam. It’s all possible here in the Top of the South Island in New Zealand with RentAClassic, and in the posts that follow we’ll try and write that A-Z a bit more.

Life is a journey after all – why not add some more chapters?

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