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Choose from a fantastic selection of touring sports cars, classic and modern.

Manuals and automatics, all our Alfas are very well maintained in superb condition. Series 1 and series 3 Spiders, along with a Brera coupe, are currently being prepared.

Try finding a selection of sports cars as characterful and appealing as these for self drive touring anywhere else in New Zealand.

And yes, these are pictures of the actual cars you’ll be driving and riding in….



2002 Alfa Romeo 166 V6 (auto)

4 doors. 4 seats. A decent boot. A fixed roof that doesn't move. A 3.0…

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2009 Alfa Romeo Spider 3.2 V6 (auto)

For those who prefer the modern sports cars, this convertible serves up sporting pleasure in…

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Alfa Spider Tours NZ

1993 Alfa Romeo Spider S4 (manual)

Drive the motherlode of all classics....updated! Almost identical in shape and layout to our 1970s…

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Alfa Spider S2 Rent a classic alfa spider couple overlooking nelson vineyard

1975 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 (manual)

Drive the motherlode of all classics, thoroughly original and in superb condition, our 1975 Alfa…

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2001 Alfa Romeo Spider V6 (manual)

Something sensuous, taut, responsive and nimble, a precise drivers car. Also perfectly docile and light…

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