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Features and Specification

  • Power Leather Seats
  • Climate Control
  • Walnut Dash
  • Sunroof
  • Picnic Tables
  • CD with aux input
  • ABS braking
  • Passenger & driver airbags

      Ride = Carpet

  • Seats 4
  • Luggage Space = Excellent
  • Boot space = 108 x 80 x 40 (cm LWH)
  • 4.0 litre 6 cylinder
  • Auto 4 speed transmission with manual shift option

What's she like to drive?

You’d expect a 4.0 litre Daimler long wheel base limousine to waft along, but not with such lightness and poise. It doesn’t feel in any way unwieldy on the open road or around town. Sure it’s long but no wider than a normal car. Hit the Sports button on the gearbox, put your foot down and it’ll certainly pick up its petticoats and make very ‘due progress’ indeed. It will take a set of flowing corners with all the confidence and pace of a well honed sports saloon, although the G&Ts on the rear picnic tables might unfortunately slide off that highly polished wood. What it does with superb aplomb is effortlessly cover the big New Zealand distances without you realising how far you’ve travelled. And your rear seat passengers have a panoramic 2.5 feet of uninterrupted glass to view our superb scenery from…. 

What do I need to get used to?

This model is also named the Majestic so being mistaken for royalty is quite likely, especially given as it’s one Queen Elizabeth used to drive herself in, (admittedly with a bigger engine). Wrapped in thick leather and surrounded by walnut, those riding in the 2 rear seats can truly stretch out in this long wheelbase model. Just make sure they’ve practiced ‘the wave’, ideally with a white glove to hand. Regarding the options, we’re still trying to find out what it doesn’t have, but there’s a good reason why the battery is the size of a small truck. Here are some of the things affected when you press buttons – climate control, front seat positioning, height, firmness and warmth; rear seat positioning, firmness, warmth and headrest height;  steering wheel position; cruise control; sunroof, possibly even an ejector seat and a pop up butler.  

What about safety and reliability?

ABS, air bags, and a road presence in the rear view mirror that smoulders ‘out of my way little car’ should see you through most eventualities. She’s regularly serviced and has to pass the Certificate of Fitness (CoF) test required for rental cars every 6 months……but let’s just say everyone at the test centre reckons she’s a very fit car anyway.

What condition is she in?

Superb. As if the normal Jaguar luxury wasn’t enough, Daimler is a Jag with extra Jaaaaaag, and everything works as it should…including the best stereo / amp I’ve ever heard jazz played on….

How much luggage can fit?

A cavernous cellar, or rather trunk awaits you, enough for several cases of Merlot….sorry 2 good sized suitcases plus holdalls. Please refer to the Seating and Luggage tab above for exact dimensions. The rear passengers could also store a few bags at their feet if needs be, but if you don’t have any of those you’ve got acres of estate behind you.

How fast will she go Mister?

One doesn’t ask Sir, but it’s more than adequate…

How would a certain Mr Clarkson describe it?

“Like sitting in Blenheim Palace….”

And the RentAClassic description for the Jaguar Daimler Six LWB?

“Winston would have liked it….”

Assured, elegant, stately and sublime. How many places in the world can you have something this exclusive and luxurious all to yourself? Does it drive like a sports car? Oh yes, it’s definitely a sporting saloon. Is it a convertible? No, but hey it does have a sunroof.  Surely one of the most characterful and luxurious cars available for self drive hire in New Zealand….apart from our other Jag of course…



Ready to select?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and tour dates, so why not….

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