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Gold - 2009 Alfa Spider 3.2 V6 (2 seater, auto)

For those who prefer the modern sports cars, this convertible serves up sporting pleasure in a technologically advanced but still character-fully pretty package. An accomplished comfortable cruiser with build quality on a par with German machines, this Spider still has a very Italian soul, including paddle shift gear changing.



Features and Specification

  • Power Soft Top
  • Climate Control
  • Leather Electric Seats
  • Wind Deflector
  • CD with Bluetooth
  • ABS
  • All wheel drive
  • Traction Control
  • Multiple Air Bags

      Ride = Balanced

  • Seats 2
  • Luggage Space = Good
  • Boot space roof up = 90 x 35 x 40 (cm LWH)
  • Boot space roof down = as above
  • Also narrow storage space behind the seats
  • 3.2 litre fuel injected V6
  • Tiptronic 6 speed transmission with paddle shift

What's she like to drive?

Refined, engaging, fun, satisfying. It’s very confidence inspiring, feeling firmly planted on the road. It has a start/stop button…mmm. The tiptronic gearbox has multiple personalities, able to effortlessly cruise in plain auto mode or give you the choice of the gears in manual change tiptronic mode. However, if you really want to play, the steering mounted paddle shifters allow you you to seriously shift things, even blip the throttle for extra rasp as you go. Belissimo!

What do I need to get used to?

Feeling unbelievably smug that you have one of the most distinctive, modern, charismatic and rare Italian sports cars as a hire car? There’s not a lot that’s annoyingly idiosyncratic with this Alfa. As with most paddle shifters, you can lose track of where they are when you’re really working the steering wheel, but the tiptronic manual gear lever is always there. The wind deflector is fantastically efficient at keeping the cold draughts from your neck, and the dual zone climate control means each occupant can have conditions just how they like them. And the glass rear window with a reversing camera and rear sonar means parking is the right kind of breeze too. It even has a decent sized boot that’s not compromised when the roof is down…flair with practicality – of course, if you want more boot space, you could opt for a Corolla as your hire car….

What about safety and reliability?

Five airbags, ABS, traction control….plus she’s very well looked after and has to pass the Certificate of Fitness (CoF) test required for all rental cars every 6 months.

What condition is she in?

Superb, as new condition. The suede seats and brushed aluminum facia, like the rest of the car are virtually showroom condition, with a relatively low mileage for a car of this age.

How much luggage can fit?

Quite a decent number of multiple soft bags. The boot, unaffected by whether the roof is up or down, is deep and wide, and there’s a narrow extra storage space behind the seats, with added cubby bins. Please refer to the Seating & Luggage tab above for exact dimensions.

How fast will she go Mister?

Have you heard of a slow Italian sports car….?

How would a certain Mr Clarkson describe it?

“….an Alfa is a portal through which all petrolheads must pass if they genuinely want to know what it is that differentiates a car from a toaster or a washing machine.

And the RentAClassic description for the 2009 Alfa Romeo Spider V6 ?

“Here, here!” 

Ready to select?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and tour dates, so why not….

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