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Saab 9-3 convertible car for hire, Christchurch, New Zealand

A convertible is not just for Christmas….

OK so summer’s a long way off, but don’t let that put you off hiring a convertible. Here are 6 very good reasons why our drop tops are the cars for all seasons:

  1. They’re still sports cars. Our Mercedes SLK, Alfa Spider and Jaguar XK8 are out and out sports cars which just happen to have optional roofs. 4 cylinder supercharged, V6 or V8 pulling power respectively, they perform just as enjoyably open or closed.
  1. They’re still snug. They have heaters! That really work! Climate control systems built for European winters. Toasty behinds from the heated front seats in the Saab and the Jaguar, and clear behinds from their heated glass rear windows. Multi layered soft tops that don’t let a drop or a draught in, unlike those rag top sports cars from the 60s which made a bus shelter seem inviting. And if you’re still not convinced and prefer something solid over your head, our Mercedes SLK comes with a folding metal roof more tricksy than Gollum, for that extra secure feeling.
  2. There’s still sunshine. Yes friends, Nelson Tasman is one of the sunniest regions in New Zealand, and I can personally vouch for the fact we have plenty of bright, sunny days even in winter, and certainly in spring. Sun glinting off the lakes and snow capped mountains, crisp clear air, wonderful stuff.
  3. They’re still fun. Exclusive European sports cars that turn corners as impressively as they turn heads outside your favourite restaurant or hotel? What’s not to like? And hey, why not go crazy and put the top down for a while? OK so you might need a beanie or fur hat but crank the heater and the stereo up, laugh and live a little…..and when you’ve had enough, it only takes 25 seconds after the push of a button to return to cosy coupe land.
  4. They’re still sensible. Book and complete your hire in any one of our convertibles before the 31st October 2015 and we’ll give you a scorching 20% discount when you quote our “I’mcrazyforcabrios” code.
  5. For some reason they’re particularly popular in summer, and you might not be able to get hold of one when you want to then……
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